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Benefits administration is one of the duties which benefits most from centrally-stored data. JetPay’s user-friendly platform allows you to manage and successfully complete the benefit selection and renewal process in a few simple steps.

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Schedule alerts for yourself and employees to make sure enrollment deadlines are met on time. Enrollment is easy and delivering the information for new hires with regards to individual policy changes or open enrollment schedules is paramount. Selections entered through self-service flow seamlessly to payroll, eliminating extra work and possibility for error. Once enrolled, employees can select coverage and make plan changes securely online; from the workplace or home.

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Access, manage, analyze and run reports instantly from one virtual portal. Using JetPay’s robust reporting tools and dashboards provides you the critical insight with just a few clicks of the mouse. With these labor-intensive tasks streamlined, you can spend more time paying attention to issues that require a human touch.

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