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JetPay Core Values

Our core values consist of 5 principles we pledge to uphold among our colleagues and with our customers:

Listening to customers, colleagues, and business partners with an open mind and an eye to meeting our customers' needs and exceeding their expectations.

Adding value to everything we touch and to every business we serve.

Seeking the best way to get the job done right. But always aim to increase the benefit to everyone -- team members, customers, and our customers' clients.

Treating everyone with integrity and directness, remembering that a handshake is as important as a written contract.

Remembering to express the gratitude we feel every day toward our customers for their loyalty and appreciation of our service and to our colleagues for their dedication, service, and commitment.

We will adhere to these values and to the Code of Ethics of our corporation. Above all else we will strive toward a business environment where every stakeholder can thrive. That environment invariably will make our lives better and improve our world.

JetPay … The way America gets paid.™

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