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JetPay Payment Services – a division of JetPay Corporation - is a full end-to-end payments processor with its operations center located in Carrollton, TX. The company specializes in complete technology solutions for the eCommerce and card-not-present marketplace, while also supplying a full range of services to card-present and mobile merchants of every size and kind. JetPay offers processing and acquiring services for some of the largest eCommerce sites on the web today as well as to financial institutions, sales organizations, and brick-and-mortar merchants. If your business is conducted on the road, JetPay offers an Android and IPhone connection solution - MyMobileMoney - that accepts payments whenever and wherever you want to take them.

JetPay offers a vast array of optional processing services and features: batch processing, high-speed authorization, recurring payments, check conversion, automated clearing house (ACH) transactions, fraud protection, encryption and tokenization, and round-the-clock customer service support. We can customize a JetPay processing solution to meet your special requirements - whether to reduce fraud, increase payment acceptance, or to offer a service no one else has.

Since November, 2013, JetPay - one of the few processors in America to be fully certified on the American Express OptBlue™ program - has offered OneCall™. OneCall gives qualifying merchants the opportunity to take American Express cards at a deeply discounted rate, because JetPay does all the processing for the cards. This means that you get one settlement, one deposit, and next day funding on all card brands.

In addition, our in-house software solutions for many of your business needs provide revenue enhancing products for your bottom line. For instance, our Recurring Payments service makes taking periodic, on-going payments easy and secure. Add our automatic renewal to this and your business will cut your cancellations to a minimum. This solution is powerful and is one of a kind at JetPay.


"Everyday, our team of developers, engineers and analysts review the latest trends for promising innovations that will be of value to our users."

Trent Voigt, Founder & CEO     
JetPay Payment Services     

We Are The Technology That Drives Payments

While other processors are tied to legacy systems, some as much as 30 years old, JetPay has built its platform based on fast flexible XML and object-oriented methodology. This approach has resulted in our ability to change quickly and adapt to the ever growing needs of today’s merchants and tomorrow’s. Where some processors take months, even years to deliver custom applications, we can customize and deliver custom processing solutions for our clients in a matter of weeks or days.


Our use of XML (Extensible Markup Language) has provided a fast, reliable and stable communications method that can easily be adopted by companies from small retailers to global enterprises. JetPay's early adoption of XML as the base communication language placed us in a position to grow fast, react fast and process faster than many other processors. Since JetPay adopted XML, this format has now set the standard for the payments industry.

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