JetPay & The American Express® Card

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The American Express Card

JetPay can enable merchants to process American Express Card transactions along with other credit and charge card transactions from multiple card networks through one processor. This can help merchants create a more streamlined workflow, with less back-office management, and more time for marketing, customer service, training and more.

Merchant benefits of Card acceptance
  • One processing relationship – Fast initial set-up.
  • Single deposit for all card transactions - Speed of pay consistent with other cards.
  • Same statement for all card networks - Simplified management for all card transactions and ease of reconciliation.
  • One customer servicing contact for all card processing needs - Dedicated service from one point of contact.
Interested in adding American Express to your merchant account?

Existing merchants contact your JetPay account representative. New merchants simply indicate you would like to accept American Express Cards on your merchant application!

American Express for Your Site
Need American Express Signage For Your Site Click Here!

If you are traditional retailer and need decals for your location click here to be taken to American Express to order.

Special Program Offerings

JetPay is proud to be the processor of choice for the following organizations and companies. If you are an affiliate of any of the entities listed below, please click through for more details.

ARVC-Member Provider     DigitalRez     Rent Manager®
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