Don’t miss that sale

Checks are still a popular option for payments

As far as payment technology has advanced, paper checks continue to be a widely-used form of payment – especially when it comes to recurring payments. Some customers use checks as a backup when they’ve lost their card and others simply prefer using the checkbook. By only accepting credit cards in store or online, you miss important sales revenue. Instead, use JetPay to process your ACH and electronic checks with one to two-day settlement.

Simplify your back-office

Businesses that continue to take paper checks are experiencing an increase of returned checks. Bounced checks create a costly administrative burden. JetPay helps you verify check processing at the point-of-sale with check approval in a matter of seconds.

ACH & eChecks Saves You Time and Money


ACH allows you to automate your common administrative check processing task.

Save Gas

You can save gas by cutting down on trips to the bank with ACH transfers.

Batch Processing

You can improve your business cash flow with next day payments.

Improve your cash flow with ACH & eChecks!

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