Simplify ACA Management

You can’t afford to take a risk with ACA reporting – to fulfill compliance while reducing risk, you must consolidate your business services.To keep ahead of the reporting game, JetPay offers the perfect solution:

To keep ahead of the reporting game, JetPay offers the perfect solution:

  • Analyze payroll data
  • Monitor employee eligibility status
  • Produce
  • File applicable tax forms;

these are just a few of the functions offered when using JetPay as your ACA solution.

We’ll do the filing

JetPay automatically collects the required information and generates your 1094-C and 1095-C forms through your employee benefits data in Workforce Today®. This process eliminates errors that often occur when conducting manual entry. Our ACA experts review documents to ensure both forms are complete and 100% accurate. Keep your company in-line with all regulations and stay headache free when you use JetPay.

Stay compliant, simplify paperwork, and avoid costly penalties

  • Dashboard
    Monitor ACA eligibility from your executive dashboard and update eligible employees whenever you need to.
  • HR Workplace
    You have the option to keep up with regulatory changes and receive live HR answers to your pressing ACA compliance questions.
  • Data Records
    You can designate aggregate group membership, minimum essential coverage and minimum value coverage.
  • Draft Versions
    Run on demand ACA annual forms to verify pre-filled data.
  • Annual 1095-C
    We’ll produce forms for employee distribution and also make the forms available in employee self serve.
  • Forms 1094-C and 1095-C
    We’ll auto-populate, produce and file forms electronically to the IRS on your behalf.

Simplify your ACA management today!

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