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Benefit administration is one of the tasks where centralization can bring big gains in efficiency. JetPay’s user-friendly platform enables easy management for you and a simple benefit selection and renewal process for your employees.

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Schedule alerts for yourself and your employees to make sure enrollment deadlines are met. Provide new employees with easy enrollment and timely information on individual policy changes and open enrollment schedules. Once enrolled, employees can log on to JetPay’s secure portal at any time to modify their coverage and make plan changes.

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Become A Benefits Champion

Access, manage, analyze and run reports instantly from one virtual portal. Using JetPay’s robust reporting tools and dashboards provides you critical insight with just a few clicks. Labor-intensive tasks are streamlined allowing you more time to pay attention to issues that require a human touch.

Easy Online enrollment

Employees can select coverage and make plan changes securely Online from virtually anywhere.

Worry free compliance

From ACA, ERISA & Cobra we’be got you covered with the solutions you need to stay compliant.

Never miss a deadline

Schedule alerts for yourself and employees to make sure enrollment deadlines aren’t missed.

Everything in one place

Access, control, analyze and run reports instantly from one place.

Benefits made easy

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