Five Things Women in Payments Need to Know

Diane Faro

May 16, 2018

Workplace mentoring programs increase leadership skills, reduce turnover and produce well-trained employees. Even so, many women work their entire career with the absence of a mentor. Perhaps you find yourself in this category and are looking for some advice from a woman who has walked the path before you. Or maybe you are ready to become a mentor yourself.

Either way, keep reading to here advice from the CEO of JetPay, Diane Faro, who has served as a mentor to dozens of professional women throughout her career

Payments is no different than any other industry. 

Ask yourself two questions: What are your career goals and what specific things do you need to work on to achieve those goals? Answers may range from learning a new software program to applying for a promotion in six months. Once you have your answers, make a plan and get to work.

You are going to fail. Everyone does. Don’t be afraid to make challenging decisions.

While this advice can be directed toward anyone, it may be easier for women to feel pressure to be perfect in a male-dominated field. There is no such thing as a mistake-free career. Acknowledge your fear and make the decision to step outside your comfort zone and face challenging tasks anyway.

Find another woman to mentor you and eventually, return the favor.

If you have trouble finding a mentor through your company, reach out to an organization, such as Wnet, for support and advice from women who have gone through similar career obstacles before you. As your career progresses, seek out opportunities to mentor others. This will not only help you pay it forward, but will also teach you new things as well. Mentoring relationships can be formal or informal. The most important thing is to build a relationship.

Never stop learning. 

Opportunities to pursue knowledge are more readily available today than at any time in our history. Look for speakers, forums, podcasts, and conferences that bring value to you as an employee and to your company.

Support each other. 

Serve on a board of an organization that you are passionate about. Consider joining Women’s Network in Electronic Transactions. Wnet is devoted to advocating for women in the payments industry and promoting a safe work environment for all. When smart, talented women join together, amazing things happen.

What advice would you add to this list?

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