How Can Your Business Attract Young Talent?

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January 18, 2019

When your organization hires individuals who strive to be top performers, they can carry your business forward in crucial ways. Your entire organization benefits, as you’ll be able to access more high-value ideas and receive a high quality of work. These attributes are all essential for any company striving to do its best work.

So where and how can you find that talent? One of the best places to look is in the pool of younger job applicants.

Hiring young talent has several benefits. It gives you the opportunity to mold these new employees into valued members of your organization. Simultaneously, it provides your employees with relevant work experience, encouraging them to remain loyal to your company. And that experience both allows them to further their careers and contribute meaningfully to the achievement of your company’s goals. Younger workers also tend to be energetic, engaged, and often hungry for the chance to prove themselves.

When you’re looking for talented individuals to work an industry that may not sound overly exciting, making a meaningful connection with young people looking for a glamorous start to their career can be tough. So how do you make it happen?

Establish an On-Campus Outreach Presence

If you want to tap into the massive amount of potential you can find in young people entering the job market, you need to go to the source — and that means colleges and universities. Job fairs occur several times a year, creating opportunities for upcoming new graduates to find jobs that suit them. Your company should be present at these events, as it provides an opportunity to reach out to a large number of college students at a time. There, you can pitch your business and the opportunities it provides to students. Consider developing an outreach process that makes upcoming grads curious about what they could achieve with you.

However, putting your company in front of young job-seekers often isn’t enough on its own. Try to couple this with a pitch about your company and why it should be attractive to these students. What is exciting about your industry and the opportunities it offers? Make sure to prepare answers to questions like this before the career fair, as students who are genuinely interested in related fields are very often passionate, and eager to learn more about the things that you like most about your work. These answers can also be helpful to review before any interview with young job-seekers, so you can both learn about their talents and skills as well as promote and discuss your company during the interview.

Consider Online Job Posting

Once you have established the messaging you wish to convey to the audience of potential employees, you need to find a way to reach as many of them as possible. As an alternative to career fairs, you may have to stand out in the crowded online job-listing ecosystem.

This route shouldn’t be excluded simply because of higher competition, as many recent college graduates comb through job posting sites to view job listings en-masse. Another reason that an online presence is an important step is that recent college graduates will likely looking up a company’s website and social media – to be sure that it reflects the same message you have been promoting to them.

Create Career Paths That Furnish Jobs for Graduates

Because some positions rarely look like exciting opportunities to outsiders, companies can face real hiring difficulties. To convince your ideal applicants otherwise, create job descriptions that exhibit clear and definitive opportunities for growth. When your recruiters explain why a graduate should join the company, consider explaining it is in terms of how they can grow – in their career, personally, and in regards of their skillset.

Everyone wants to see that they will have the opportunity to prosper in their field, but it’s especially important to those at the beginning of their career. Engender loyalty by showcasing to applicants that they will have opportunities to use their new skills directly. The benefits of assigning responsibility, and providing professional development to someone who is excited by their work will provide benefits to your company than one can imagine. Those possibilities are key to demonstrating to talented graduates the position you are offering can be a winning proposition.

Construct Packages that are Attractive to Talent

As mentioned before, try to take the time to craft the right messages and be dedicated in delivering them to the right audiences. When you start tailoring your offers and job roles to align with what students expect, you will find that interest from talented graduates rises. Now the question is: how do you tap into that interest?

Employees find value in things other than developing their careers: compensation, company culture, and alternative benefits, all factor in. When you want to bring in top talent, you need to be competitive in base compensation, but often that’s just the beginning. Other than benefits such as health insurance and job security, consider things like educational opportunities as an incentive for those you find promising. Graduates often experience frustration with a lack of opportunities to continue to grow right out of school, and aligning their success and growth with yours will always play out better in the long run.

With JetPay, businesses can find help to accomplish the steps we’ve discussed above. We offer businesses robust hiring tools that deliver a complete solution. From designing and posting job listings where they’ll gain maximum visibility to streamlining the onboarding process and ensuring you have the best benefits possible, JetPay helps position your business perfectly to attract young, motivated talent. What could your company achieve in the future with these hard-working individuals? Contact JetPay today to find out.

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