Outsource Your HR With Confidence

JetPay Communications

September 6, 2018

More than ever, human resources can be a minefield for companies. Increasingly complex processes take up valuable resources within an organization, leaving less time for businesses to focus on their core functions.

JetSource, JetPay’s outsourced HR solution, has helped companies—large and small—successfully manage their people, maximize return on their technology investment, and mitigate risks. Here are four reasons companies choose to outsource HR.

Cost savings. Payroll and benefits are the costliest elements for a business. Outsourcing HR administration reduces capital expenditure costs, enabling money to be reallocated to help the business grow.

Complicated compliance issues. In recent decades, HR regulations and employment law has changed considerably.  Human Capital Management (HCM) Specialists, such as the JetSource team, mitigate compliance risk for OSHA reporting, EEOC & DOL issues, I-9 audits, and more.

Allows businesses to focus on what they do best. Outsourcing allows a company to focus on its mission and areas that serve customers rather than getting bogged down with inward-facing activities. JetSource assists companies with the comprehensive understanding of technology resources available to support hiring and onboarding, payroll processing, benefits administration, and workforce analytics, among other HR roles and responsibilities.

Understand technological advances. HR technology changes rapidly. Dedicated HR administrators are better able to stay current on what’s available to serve employees. JetSource combines best-in-class HCM technology with dedicated professionals to empower and protect a business.

Outsourcing can help you run a more focused, smarter business, but only when you have complete confidence in the HR and Payroll provider. With JetSource, our team works as an extension of your organization to develop the strategies and solutions you need to succeed.

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