Save Time and Money By Outsourcing Payroll

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September 4, 2018

Whether your company processes payroll weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly, there’s no question that it’s one of the most vital functions a business performs. National Payroll Week (Sept. 3-7) spotlights this mission-critical task!  Today, we will focus on an option growing in popularity for reasons that will become clear momentarily:

Here are five reasons to outsource payroll.

  • Save time. Processing payroll is much more than simple math. It involves meticulous detail to benefit deductions, tax withholding, wage garnishments, new hires and terminations, and changing government rules. Companies that outsource payroll processing are able to spend time on core, client-facing functions as well as the internal functions that aid in their employees’ professional development.
  • Save money. Processing payroll in-house is costly. Outsourcing eliminates the need to devote an employee or team of employees to this function.
  • Simplify compliance. You are an expert in your field, not in federal and state tax codes—yet you’re held responsible for every regulation. Errors and oversights come with audits and penalties. Outsourcing puts your payroll in the hands of professionals who stay current with regulation changes.
  • Enhance security. Even small businesses are entrusted with a significant amount of personal data, such as Social Security numbers and home addresses. Handling payroll on your own can put your business at risk for identity theft.
  • Improve reliability. What happens when the individual you depend on for payroll is sick or on vacation – or leaves your organization? Why rely on one individual when you can outsource to a whole company devoted to ensuring this process runs smoothly?

Remember that payroll peace-of-mind is only as strong as the provider you choose. Be sure to ask about payroll processing costs, the security of your company’s information, how corrections are handled, and what kind of customer service is available.

JetPay helps thousands of companies—from startups to enterprise-class corporations—ensure that their employees are paid correctly, on time, and following complex state and federal regulations. In other words, we offer secure, affordable payroll solutions for any size business. To learn how we can serve you, visit

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