You Need More Than Technology to Manage People

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December 21, 2018

The technological innovations of the past few decades have helped businesses of all sizes extract more value from their workforces. There’s no longer a need to manually calculate employee wages and taxes.  There are also many other repetitive tasks that used to require manual labor, but can now be automated, from stocktaking to grocery store checkout to payment processing.

Thanks to these innovations, companies can maximize productivity and grow faster than ever before, while focusing their efforts on profit-oriented tasks, rather than administrative procedures. However, when it comes to human capital management (HCM), technology can only help so much, there will always need to be a human touch.

Getting the most from your workforce requires the development of training programs, recruitment techniques, performance evaluations and other institutional sources of support and feedback. Keeping your employees motivated so they work their hardest is something technology will only ever be able to assist with. That’s why most human capital management companies focus just as much on human input as they do on tech.

The Value of Human Capital

Human capital management refers to the process of hiring, managing, training and retaining employees — in other words, enhancing the skills of your workforce and extracting the most value from each worker. There is no doubt, your workforce is your most valuable resource. Without dedicated employees, you wouldn’t have a company at all. A primary objective of all businesses is ensuring the growth and development of their employees, something that requires more than just technological innovation. Talented employees are constantly sought after and, especially in today’s fast paced world with endless opportunities, need to have a reason to stay.  Technology can help streamline the onboarding process, the payroll process and the PTO process–making it as seamless as possible.  However, loyalty to a company is earned by providing your employees with opportunities to grow, investing in them and appreciating them.  The atmosphere you create can go a long way and your company culture is worth being invested in.

How Human Capital Management Companies Can Help You

At JetPay, we develop virtual integration platforms that allow your employees to focus on what they do best. Some of our most popular services include HR consulting, payment processing and e-commerce support.

We may be a forward-thinking company that recognizes the importance of sophisticated technology to human capital management, but we haven’t forgotten that people need people to improve their skills and contribute to the success and continued growth of your company. Here’s a brief overview of what’s included in our Workforce Today® JetSource solution (beyond the realms of technology):

  • Talent Acquisition: Assisting with compensation programs, job descriptions and postings, interviewing, hire forms and background checks.
  • New Hire Onboarding: Developing training programs for supervisors and recruits to equip them with the skills they need to maximize their performance.
  • Talent Management and Retention: Setting individual, departmental and organizational goals while assisting with career path planning, conflict resolution, performance evaluations and more.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Taking care of remedial and time-consuming tasks including employee handbook development, HR audits, reporting, law guidance and discrimination investigations–giving you time to focus on your company culture.

Learn More About Human Capital Management and How We Can Help

If you’d like to gain a deeper understanding of how we can assist you with human capital management through integrated technological and human-run platforms to save you time, money and effort, read more about our Workforce Today® JetSourcesolution. You can contact one of our dedicated professionals on 800-366-9729

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