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GetHired 05/13/19


Order Cancellation Credits

An enhancement has been made to the Work Opportunity Tax Credit order "refund" process that now supports credits that can be used for the next order should an order get cancelled.

When a WOTC order gets canceled for any reason (employee didn't work for the required minimum hours, or the employee didn't show up, or the application got denied by the State Workforce Agency) we will issue a credit to the client for each canceled order. There will be no expiration date for these credits and the client will be able to use the credit for their next WOTC order.

This option will improve the WOTC order cancellation process and resolve the limitation with refunds back to the credit card for order older than 120 days. If clients are still wiling to get a refund instead of a credit we will certainly accommodate it by issuing a paper check, but our preferred/recommended method will be credit.

The disclosure on the checkout page has been updated accordingly:


Policy Statement

Employers can now add policy statement in the EEO section that will be visible to job seekers if EEO is turned on.

Alternative apply option

IF OFCCP is enabled, the employer will be able to add alternative apply option for jobseekers that will include a contact name, title, email, and phone number.