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GetHired 09/16/19

Release Features

Indeed Jobs

Indeed has updated their policy and they no longer require jobs to expire after certain period. The GetHired system has been updated so Indeed jobs will not expire anymore and will continue to be included in the Indeed feed until the job is closed by employers. This will be applicable to all jobs that are posted going forward.

Decline Emails now include Position Title in the subject line (applicable to the SMB Version).

The decline emails sent to candidates now include a position title in the subject line that helps jobseekers in knowing which position they were declined for in case there are multiple applications.

I-9 identity and employment authorization documents can now be marked optional

The system has been updated to allow employers to mark identity and employment authorization documents optional during the onboarding process. When employers enable I-9 in Manage Onboarding, they will see an additional checkbox under I-9 that can be configured to indicate whether employers require employees to upload a work authorization and identity document. The checkbox is selected by default and the documents are required.

Bank Name is now required in the new employee onboarding payroll section

Employees are required to enter the bank name along with account number and other details on the Add Bank Account screen. The bank name was previously optional in onboarding.