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GetHired 1/8/18


Copy/Move Candidates from one position to the other

Employers can now move candidates between positions or copy the candidate information to another job in the same location or a different location.

Resume and pre-screening questions are copied to the new position if a candidate is moved/copied to a new location.

If the candidate information is moved/copied to another position in the same location, then in addition to the resume and pre-screening questions, the application form and notes are also copied.

When a candidate is moved/copied to a position, an email is sent to the person who posted the new position.

‘Select New Location’ will be displayed if the user has access to more than one location.

After clicking on Confirm, the History tab will be updated with the move/copy log notes.

My Jobs Page Link – Enterprise Version

There is now a quick and easy way to access your jobs page directly on the dashboard of the Enterprise version account. The “My Jobs Page” link will show right above the summary of jobs on the dashboard as shown below.