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Workforce Today® 10/11/19

HCM Updates

Benefit Enrollment Dashboard

Benefit Enrollment season is here! Workforce Today® has enhanced Benefit Enrollment administration by creating a Benefit Enrollment Dashboard. Easy-to-use tabs identify employees at each state in the enrollment process and provide online details, along with reports and exports.

Benefit Enrollment Dashboard new tab - Pending EOI Requests

A tab added on the Enrollment Dashboard that will allow users to view and edit the enrollment status for Pending or Pending Late Entrant with Evidence of Insurability records.

Employee Management Tools organized

To streamline the employee administration process, the Employee Management Tools have been organized under the Employee Management menu. Depending on the tools you use in Workforce Today®, the employee administration functions can be found in one place.

Benefit Reconciliation Report

New Benefit Reconciliation Export, which will allow users to reconcile Scheduled with Taken Deductions for benefits.

Minnesota Pay Stub Display requirement

Minnesota statute 181.032 REQUIRED STATEMENT OF EARNINGS BY EMPLOYER; NOTICE TO EMPLOYEE. (10) The physical address of the employer's main office or principal place of business, and a mailing address if different; Workforce Today® pay stub supports all requirements of the Minnesota statute, including the ability to include a main address and mailing address for an employer. The second address is available for all states.

Time Updates

Add HR Items to eligibility rules

Eligibility Rules for Human Resources Items:
• Certification
• Education
• Skills
• Training Awards

Rename Calendars and Menu Links

Renamed headers and menu links:
• Time Off Requests to Employee Calendar
• Time Off Requests (Admin) to Admin Calendar

Employee Clock Setting Import-Add in Break Restriction option

The ability to import the Lunch Restrictions was already available. It added the ability to import the Break Restrictions as well.

Updated Time-Off Balances Screen

• [Accrual Plan Name] Current Balance as of [Last Payroll Run]: [Current Balance (last processed)]
• Plan Details Card
• As of Last Pay Period End Card
• Current Pay Period Card
• Current Plan Year Card
• Next Plan Year Card
• *Note: Time-Off Requests-Pending Approval amounts do not count toward projected balances.