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Workforce Today® 12/15/17


Benefit Updates

We have enhanced the Employee Benefit Plan screen so that when your employees select the coverage amount, the status field defaults to the status set by the rules of the plan and its start date.

If your company has negotiated better rates for insurance coverage, your new insurance carrier may honor any life insurance coverage that had been previously approved under the last plan. This is referred to as “grandfathered coverage.”

Workforce Today® now has the option to identify a new “grandfathered” benefit plan. When your employees can select the same amount of coverage they previously had, it will automatically set the status to “Approved” without requiring any additional EOI documentation.

Hide Pay Stubs

Giving a year-end or holiday bonus this year? You probably don’t want to give it away to your employees before they receive the check, but entering it into Workforce Today® would automatically put it into the employee self-service screen. Now you can now hide certain payroll runs from the ESS screen until the employee has received their check, keeping that holiday or year-end bonus as a surprise.

New Client Report: FUTA Balancing

The new report for FUTA balancing includes two sheets with QTD (quarter-to-date) and YTD (year-to-date) information. In row 1, you can see a definition of Total Payments, FUTA Gross, FUTA Subject, FUTA Taxable, FUTA Tax, and Exempt Wages.

Password Expiration Reminder

This feature will warn your employees about an expiring password, starting five days before it will expire. Every time the employee logs in, they will see a splash notification with the “your password will expire in X days” message to keep reminding them. When they reset the password, the notification will go away. The password reminder applies to all users, including those using the mobile app.

Geofencing: New Fee-Based Feature Now Available

One of the most highly-anticipated new features in this release is geofencing! Use this feature to set up boundaries, or “fences” in specific geographical areas. When one of your employees clocks in or out through the mobile app, an alert will pop up if that punch happened outside the set fence. Keep track of your employees’ locations, even when they’re working at different sites.

This new feature is especially useful if your company has employees who work at multiple locations or on the go, including construction, home health care, janitorial, landscaping companies, and service contractors.

Workforce Today® TLM: New Report – Hours Breakdown Summary Export

This report shows you a total listing of hours worked with earning and labor breakdowns in specific columns.

Workforce Today® TLM – Push employee schedule to time clock

When creating employee schedules, you can now push these directly to the time clocks. This new feature ensures that scheduled employees can only clock in and out within the scheduled time.