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Workforce Today® 8/16/19

HCM Updates

Fillable Forms

You will now be able to upload a fillable PDF and have your employees fill in their data. This filled PDF will be saved within Employee Documents, allowing your employees to print a copy, review the information and keep it in an easily accessible location. The forms can be completed in Employee Self Service anywhere where Employee Messages are used, such as the Employee Messages, Company Information, Onboarding and/or Benefit Enrollment screens.

New Life Event Enrollment Reports

Two new Life Event reports are being added, Enrollment Status – Life Events and Approval Status – Life Event. The additional reports will separate life event enrollment from open enrollment for benefits, allowing you to pull separate reports.

Addition of Reopen Status in Employee Benefits

When an employee completes the open enrollment process in Workforce Today®, they may want to make a change at some point before the enrollment period ends. Moving their enrollment into reopen status will now make it trackable and you can pull a report to view who re-opened their enrollment.

Certified Payroll Reporting Updates

If you use Certified Payroll Reporting, you know the importance of fringe calculations. With this new addition to Workforce Today®, the fringe will automatically be calculated when you enter your hours and fringe rate. Save time and ensure accuracy on your required payment!

State Retirement Savings Programs Reporting

Three states have recently come out with state retirement savings programs (California, Illinois and Oregon), which comes with mandatory reporting requirements. Workforce Today®can now facilitate some state-mandated filing requirements, allowing you to upload the data manually or have it automatically uploaded to the state system.

Time Updates

Labor Verification

New hours verification functionality allows your department heads to approve hours worked in their department.

Organizational managers or supervisors over specific labor fields will now have the ability to see explicitly allocated time worked in their labor field. If an organizational manager or supervisor does not have access to the location where those employees have hours worked in that Org Manager/Supervisor’s labor field, the org manager/supervisor can now see and approve those hours in this new dashboard tool, Labor Verification.

Forecast Accruals Report

This report allows you to view a prediction of your accruals forecast including a new accrual setup. View the report to show what is predicted on that accrual over the next two years to confirm that expirations, carryovers and other aspects of the accrual are all correct. This makes it easy to perform a quick test to make sure your accruals are set up correctly for your employees.

New Hours Allocation Rule: Apply Hours to Schedule

This new rule allows Workforce Today®to generate hours to the time card based on your employees’ schedules. When you don’t require your employees to punch in and out but would still like hours to display on the time card based on the employee’s schedule, this new allocation rule will generate those hours.