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Merchant Online Reporting (FAQ)

To better help users navigate through JetPay’s new merchant online reporting system, we have consolidated a list of frequently asked questions that will help you adjust to the new system.


Who do I contact to gain my login credentials?

All existing GetReporting users received an email on April 17, 2019 that included their user name, along with instructions to reset their password to the new merchant online reporting system. If you did not receive an email, please contact our Assist department at 1.800.834.4405 or by emailing


What should I do if I get locked out?

You can now reset your password from the sign in page. You will simply need to enter your username and then click on “Forgot Password?”.


Why are you switching to a new system?

JetPay recognized the need for an enhanced reporting system that will provide our merchants and partners a more efficient way to access their processing data.


Which reports will I have access to?

Below is a list of the popular reports that were available in GetReporting:

GetReporting Online Reporting
Activity Summary Batch Card Summary
Batch Summary Report Batch Card Summary
Batch Detail Report Merchant Settlement Summary
Credit Card Summary Report Merchant Settlement Summary
Merchant Detail Report Settlement Details
Transaction Listing Settlement Details
Chargeback Summary Chargeback Summary
Chargeback Listing Chargeback Listing
Retrieval Listing Chargeback Retrieval Listing
Funding Category List Funding Category List
Funding Detail Report Funding Deposit Details*
Merchant Reserves Report Merchant Reserves Report
Statements (NEW)
Qualification Listing Report Qualification

*If you are a card present merchant and are experiencing reconciliation issues with the funding deposit details report, please contact Assist for immediate assistance in this matter. 1.800.384.4405 or 


Where can I locate the risk reports?

You are able to view the daily deductions of any reserve holdings, if applicable, but you can no longer view the transactions held in our Risk system. If you have any transaction(s) you suspect were captured in our risk system please send all inquiries to


How far back can I pull my history data? 

You will be able to pull your processing history data as far back as December 01, 2018. There will be a slight delay in the availability of that data during the initial launch. However, your processing history from April 1, 2019 to date will be readily available as of April 17, 2019.


How do I run a refund through the new system?

Our Assist department will now be able to process your refund transactions for you. You can email our Assist department to receive information on accessing the new refund portal that will be available no later than April 30, 2019; or have one of our iNCRedible customer service analyst process the refund on your behalf. Email only at


Why am I not able to view my activity in real time? 

You may experience up to a 20 minute delay from real time activity. If you have an immediate need for the information, you will have an iNCRedible customer service analyst ready to provide the information to you. We are only a call or email away, 1.800.834.4405 or, and we’re available 24 hours a day.


Where can I go to view all of my accounts? 

The hierarchy setup did require us to make some manual adjustments to allow users to view all of their existing accounts. If you do not see your complete list of merchant accounts, please call or email our Assist department right away to add any accounts we may have missed. 1.800.834.4405 or Please have all merchant ID numbers available.


Why am I not able to view the complete information in each field?

You have the ability to export all reports to an excel spreadsheet from any search page. You can also hover over each field for the complete information. We will continue to work on the formatting and style of the portal.