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One Hcm Solution Connecting Your Employees

Your whole company will benefit from Workforce Today®, our all-in-one Human Capital Management (HCM) Solution. With smart work flow integration from Workforce Today® you can increase collaboration and trim away inefficiencies. With Workforce Today® you will facilitate better communication, improve productivity, and receive expert HR & payroll solutions in one, single database, platform.

Better Decisions With Better Data

No matter what industry you’re in, we have the tools and expertise to turbo-charge your operations. Get the insights you need to make better use of your resources through an easy to use dashboard. Track what your employees are working on. Looking analytically at time & attendance data will provide visibility into your organizations productivity and help you better understand labor costs and calculate the true cost of your operations.

Executive Dashboards give insights to your complete human capital forecast. Get a clear view of the individuals who make up your organization and timely access to critical information to make informed decisions which impact the future of your business.

Best In Class Solutions To Manage Enterprise

A strong strategy is integral to success. JetPay’s Workforce Today® is designed with sophisticated analytics to give you the intel needed to implement a winning HR strategy. Our executive dashboards provide business leaders with in-depth data and analytics to make better management decisions.

Giving Time Back To Hr Professionals

Change is the only constant in business. With HR administration, there are always changes to be made. There’s a more efficient way to manage employees with JetPay’s Workforce Today®. Our intuitive interface makes it easy for employees and managers to submit and manage employee changes. Simply review and commit approved changes with a couple of clicks. Say goodbye to manual entry and hello to free time.

Create Super-Hero Employees

Empower your employees to work smarter, not harder, with tools that increase productivity. Workforce Today® will free your staff from the burden of paper work, leaving them more time to innovate and create.

It’s possible to benefit from self-service tools. We’ll show you how.

Expert Advice & Resources

Don’t go it alone with workplace management. Our Workplace Support Center’s team of experienced, certified, HR Advisors are there in the moment that employee and compliance matters arise and they can point you in the right direction, offer a second opinion, or coach you on critical workforce issues. JetPay’s cloud-based HCM solution will help you resolve urgent workforce issues and ensure HR compliance.

Spend Time On Cloud Nine

  • HCM in the Cloud, available 24/7 and on mobile
  • Stay up-to-date with new regulations
  • Mitigate risk and liability
  • Develop job descriptions
  • Align compensation with business strategy
  • Manage your employee handbook and policies
  • and so much more…

Hiring And Onboarding Made Simple

JetPay’s onboarding and hiring solutions will help you win the hiring battle and retain top talent. Your workforce is your greatest asset and choosing the best employees contributes to your overall profitability. To stay competitive your company needs a technology platform that helps you make better, faster, hiring decisions and maximize your workforce. Workforce Today® does just that.

Fill Vacancies Faster

Attract the best talent by making the right first impression. Show prospective employees you run a tight ship before they set foot on your grounds with a sleek and modern application and hiring process. Conducting pre-interviews Online benefits you and your applicants. Your time is valuable and quality applicants will appreciate the consideration.

JetPay Payroll Dashboard

New Hires Will Be Ready To Join The Team On Day One

With an integrated onboarding process, new hires complete their new hire paperwork, sign documents and gain an understanding of company culture, vision, and goals before they even walk in the door. Additionally, all of the information you need for new hires or existing staff is centrally located. With our onboarding tools, you can forget about correlating stacks of new hire paperwork and duplicate entry – data flows easily from application to onboarding to payroll. Ensure your employees show up their first day to work, ready to get to work as opposed to spending hours filling out paperwork.

Recruit better staff with less effort

Complete new hire paperwork in the cloud or mobile

Enable company-wide notifications

Develop and nurture employees

Automated Benefits administration

Give 360 performance reviews

Track certifications and training

Automated reminders and alerts

Payroll That Practically Manages Itself

JetPay has everything you need to pay and manage your employees neatly packaged in one amazing solution. Instead of spending of time paying your employees, JetPay’s Integrated HR and Payroll tools streamline all your payroll administrative tasks in a single simple solution.

Employee Self Service

The easiest way to manage payroll changes. Electronic work-flows for payroll changes are efficient and Eco-friendly. Employees submit changes using a friendly user interface. Changes are waiting in your queue to approve and commit to your payroll cycle.

JetPay Payroll Dashboard

Time And Attendance Optimization

Tracking time and attendance can improve operations and streamline labor costs. Monitor and change schedules on the fly and let employees check their schedule from home without calling someone. Production analytics give you the info you need to place the most efficient workers on critical shifts. Best of all, time flows seamlessly into payroll further boosting productivity.

  • Measure and reduce overtime
  • Simplify time-off requests
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Track ACA compliance
  • Automatic payroll integration
  • Flexible punch in and out options

An Open Enrollment Work Flow Everyone Is Sure To Love

Take the frustration out of benefits administration. Open enrollment period is a crunch time if you’re not using a smart HCM platform. JetPay simplifies the entire benefits enrollment process so you can get back to managing people faster.

ACA Tablet Dashboard

Give Power To The People

We partner with the top brokers in the industry so your employees have all the information they need to enroll for benefits. With JetPay’s single database solution, staff benefit selections are automatically reflected in the payroll system. Doing this, there’s no collection of paper forms, no more manual entry, and no more frustration.

Total Benefit Reporting Regulations Compliance

Today the United States government regulates participation, as well as the reporting, of all of those involved in receiving, or denying, benefits. It is the law. Our system was designed using input from experienced benefits managers. We provide the tools to stay compliant with ACA, ERISA, and COBRA. Further, our ACA solution simplifies tracking, compliance, and filing. It will analyze payroll data and employee eligibility to produce applicable tax forms and file them automatically.

JetPay’s ACA solution handles it all.



Monitor ACA eligibility from the executive dashboard. Change employee eligibility status as needed

Draft versions

Access drafts of 1094-C and 1095-C forms to verify pre-filled data

Data records

You can designate aggregate group membership, minimum essential coverage, and minimum value coverage

HR Workplace

Opt for HR Workplace for updates about regulatory changes, explained. Ask questions and receive personalized answers to your pressing ACA compliance questions

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