A better way to pay your employees

Is managing your payroll taking up too much time and causing you headaches? Make the switch to the JetPay Money Access Card and streamline your payroll distribution. Plus, your employees will love it because it provides them with the benefits of a traditional bank account minus the high fees and inconvenience.

Just a few of the benefits

Reduce cost

Save on the costs associated with preparing, printing and distrusting checks

Streamline payroll

With our digital tools you will eliminate the largely manual pay distribution process

Go green

Eliminate the issuing of paper checks and reduce the impact on the environment

24/7 Management

Our Online portal gives you the tools to seamlessly manage your program from anywhere

Employee satisfaction

Give your employees a more convenient way to get paid without the check cashing fees


Watch this quick video to learn more about the benefits of the JetPay Money Access Card program.

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