An Innovative Structure for Payment Processing Platforms

An ecommerce payments solution for enterprises and partners that redefines card processing fees.

Introducing JetX

JetX cash discount gives enterprises and partners access to a full-featured and integration-ready cash discount card processing solution. JetX offers a simple, flexible API that lets large-scale enterprises directly integrate into a purpose-built cash-discount platform.

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What is Cash Discount?

The cash discount model allows companies to radically reduce what your company or clients pay when accepting credit cards online by applying a small price adjustment to customers that choose to pay by card. The unparalleled flexibility of this platform lets businesses reduce transaction fees by giving their customers greater flexibility in how they choose to pay at signup or checkout.

JetX is a unique, because it provides a complete processing infrastructure that ultimately lets companies nearly eliminate their transaction fees, while simultaneously giving their customers the option to pay in the way that makes the most sense to them.

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JetX makes it easier than ever for enterprises and partners to offer solutions that ultimately bring customers closer to the people they like to do business with. Because JetPay is one of the few direct-to-the-associations processors, JetX allows for businesses to provide reasonable and attractive payment options in the fewest possible steps.


The JetX API is custom-built to handle the intricacies of the cash discount model with ease. Not only does JetX offer a well-documented and straightforward API – it has extensibility baked-in, for those that need greater flexibility.

Peace of Mind

That comes from JetPay’s comprehensive API documentation, built-out process flow examples, and 24/7 access to integration experts.

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