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Employment and Income Verification

The Work Number® from Equifax

How it works

The Work Number® from Equifax delivers an automated verification service that helps streamline the transfer of information between employers and verifiers, ultimately benefiting the employee by creating an accelerated decision process.

An exceptional level of service

Give your employees peace of mind. ​

Timley response ​

Employment and income verifications are available instantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Accuracy and recourse

Equifax’s operations are compliant with FCRA, which ensures employees have a method for recourse if they have a dispute with the verification.


The Work Number is a service designed to help keep the process and transfer of information secure.

Controlled access

Equifax handle verifications completely in-house,  so there are no outsourced providers between the information verifiers need and the data employers provide.

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Provide peace of mind

Reduce risk cost and workload

Additional advantages for employers

Organizations of any size or industry will benefit from The Work Number®

Workload relief

Manual verification
requests will significantly decrease soon after this service begins. The Work Number takes care of this manual task for your business!

Superior service

Working with Equifax is simple. In addition, call center support is provided to ensure a seamless verification process. 

Direct connections

Their  relationships with over 200,000 credentialed verifiers and advanced technology will immediately reduce the number of verification requests your business sees. 

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